Advisory boards

The scientific and technical quality and developments of the laboratories managed by Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste are constantly monitored by board-appointed international Committees which advise on all relevant aspects of the general and development policy, scientific programs, accelerator development, technology transfer and industrial applications.

Machine Advisory Committee (MAC)

Chairman: Richard P. Walker (DIAMOND)

Hans Braun (PSI and SwissFEL)
Paul Emma (SLAC and LCLS)
Mikael Eriksson (Lund University and MAX-Lab)
Peter Kuske (Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and BESSY II)
Amor Nadji (SOLEIL)
Claudio Pellegrini (UCLA)
Ferdinand Willeke (BNL and NSLS-II)
Sasha Zholents (ANL and APS)

Scientific Advisory Council (SAC)

Chairman: Ingolf Lindau (Stanford and Lund University)

Karsten Horn (FHI-MPG and Freie University of Berlin)
Sine Larsen (MaxLab, Lund and University of Copenhagen)
Keith Nugent (La Trobe University)
Bruce Patterson (SLS and PSI)
Maria Novella Piancastelli (University of Uppsala)
Jean-Pierre Samama (SOLEIL and Uni. of Strasbourg)
Charles V. Shank (UC Berkeley)
Robert W. Schoenlein (ALS and UC Berkeley)
Wilfried Wurth (University of Hamburg and DESY)

Proposal Review Panels

The Proposal Review Panels are composed of senior scientists active in different scientific fields and appointed by the Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste management with the aim of evaluating the General User's proposals.

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