A new beamline has been constructed at section 11.2 and is now under commissioning. The high photon flux provided by the Super Conducting multipole Wiggler (SCW), installed at the 11.2 section, permits the operation of three beamlines, a central tunable and two fixed energy beamlines.

The XRD2 variable energy beamline (8 to 35 keV) will be complementary to XRD1 and will be dedicated to high throughput macromolecular crystallography experiments: large tunable energy range (8.0 - 35.0 keV) for SAD/MAD experiments, automated sample mounting in cryogenic environment and high speed large area detector will be some of the important features of this beamline.

The XRD2 project is developed in partnership with the Indian scientific community and administered through Elettra and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.

ElevenTwo project
SuperConducting Wiggler upgrade project
Splitter model
SuperConducting Wiggler installed!
Commissioning of the new Pilatus 6M detector
Storage Ring section 11.2
Optical Hutch in the construction phase
XRD2 Beamline

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