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Resonant Raman for catalysis: an experimental and computational approach

Alessandro Damin (Dipartimento di Chimica e Centro Interdipartimentale NIS, Università di Torino)
Thu 22 Jun, at 09:30 - Fermi room

Catalysts constitutes an important class of materials nowadays responsible for the production of a wide variety of fine and bulk chemicals. Active centers of such materials are often constituted by transition metal species dispersed on amorphous or crystalline support in very low amount (very often less than 1wt%). The characterization of such species requires the adoption of very sensitive techniques, and Raman spectroscopy in Resonant conditions constitutes a good and complementary choice together with other vibrational and structural techniques (e.g. IR, EXAFS and XANES). In this contribution results coming from the characterization, by means of Raman spectroscopy in Resonant conditions, of real catalysts (e.g. TS-1) will be presented. Experimental data will be compared with results coming from quantum-mechanics based modeling, showing that such combined methodology constitutes a powerful tool in the full comprehension of such complex systems.

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